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Metal Bellows Expansion Joints External Pressure (Flanged)

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Bellow Material Stainless Steel 
Connection Flanged ( Carbon Steel)
Flanged Type  Fixed Flanged
Inner and Outer Tube Carbon Steel
Operation Temp.  -80/ + 427  ºC
Operation Pressure 16 Bar  
Expansion 30 mm (-20, +10)/60 mm (-40,+20)/90 mm (-70,+20) 
Design EJMA Standard
Application Areas In High Pressure and High Expansion Applications
Underground Pipelines 
Places Where The Possibility of Torsion on the lines
Hot Oil Systems
Geothermal Facilities 

30 MM EXPANSION (-20/+10 MM) 60 MM EXPANSION(-40/+20 MM) 90 MM EXPANSION(-70/+20 MM)
DN (mm) DN (mm) DN (mm)
TK160 DN25 TK171 DN25 TK182 DN25
TK161 DN32 TK172 DN32 TK183 DN32
TK162 DN40 TK173 DN40 TK184 DN40
TK163 DN50 TK174 DN50 TK185 DN50
TK164 DN65 TK175 DN65 TK186 DN65
TK165 DN80 TK176 DN80 TK187 DN80
TK166 DN100 TK177 DN100 TK188 DN100
TK167 DN125 TK178 DN125 TK189 DN125
TK168 DN150 TK179 DN150 TK190 DN150
TK169 DN200 TK180 DN200 TK191 DN200
TK170 DN250 TK181 DN250 TK192 DN250

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