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Rubber Expansion Joints / EPDM-NBR (Flanged)

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Rubber Material EPDM  / NBR
Winding Nylon Fibers Synthetic Fiber
Steel Wire Carbon Steel
Connection Flanged
Flanged Material Ductile Iron / Carbon Steel
Flanged Pressure Class PN 16 
Operation Temp. 90  ºC  
Operation Pressure 10 Bar
Application Areas Hot Air lines and Air Ventilation Systems
Non asidic and non flammable liquid fluid
Machine, Pomp, Air Condition, Air compressors
Industrial Facilities, Marine Systems
Liquid Fuel Lines, Pipe Lines, Installations
In sewerage and drainage lines

DN (mm)
TK230 DN32
TK231 DN40
TK232 DN50
TK233 DN65
TK234 DN80
TK235 DN100
TK236 DN125
TK237 DN150
TK238 DN200
TK239 DN250
TK240 DN300

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